Management & Staff Structure

The company is managed by a Board of Directors constituted from local residents who are members of ng homes voluntary Management Committee, and 2 staff from ng homes co-opted for their skills, experience and expertise. In addition, ng homes Head of Regeneration (HoR) acts as senior staff member for ng2.

The Contracts Manager was appointed in March 2011 and took over responsibility for advising and supporting the Board while reporting to the Head of Regeneration.

The Board of Directors consists of 3 ng homes resident members & 3 staff members. This ensures that the local community is at the heart of business.

The Contracts Manager is responsible for the day to day running of the company with direct line management support from the HoR. In addition to the 40+ staff directly employed by ng2, ng homes provides a degree of administrative support e.g. with regards to HR, payroll and financial recording.

The HoR supports the Contracts Manager in developing the new strands of the business as opportunities arise. This includes assistance with tenders for new contracts and help with applications to funders to support new initiatives and services such as recycling or green energy installation.