Close cleaning
ng2 cleans almost 500 closes every single week during the year for ng homes. This was the primary contract secured by the Company and it remains the flagship service that positively impacts on every one of the Associations tenants and residents who live in tenement buildings.

Bulk uplift
In conjunction with close cleaning, ng2 also provides a bulk pull-through service from the tenements backcourts and a weekly back court tidying service.

Window cleaning
The close cleaning and bulk services are complemented by a window cleaning service in each close provided by our professionally trained window cleaners and the organisation plans to expand this service in the coming year.

Environmental services
ng2 employs an environmental ‘Hit Squad’ who deliver a wide range of planned and reactive services across ng homes area of operation. This service deals with a wide array of issues ranging from planned activities including the management and delivery of regular planned maintenance of open space areas through to providing a reactive response dealing with everything from fly tipping and discarded household refuse through to dealing with discarded contaminated needles.

Close lighting
ng2 currently employs one full-time electrician on the Close Lighting contract. In addition, the electrician carries out annual statutory electric checks on ng homes mainstream properties, sheltered housing complexes, office premises and Concierge stations. All properties including void properties are tested and upgraded in line with current legislation.

Void property repairs
As and when properties become vacant they are repaired to pre-set high standards to ensure that they are safe and secure for the next tenant. All void work is either done directly by ng2 or their sub-contractors within agreed timescales. We ensure that electrical work carried out on all ng homes void properties is tested and where required upgraded in line with current legislation and the Scottish Housing Quality Standards.

Concierge service
ng2 supplies labour for ng homes and recruits and deploys concierge staff in all of ng homes multi-storey sites.