Who we are

ng2 is a social enterprise company that operates for the social benefit of the communities we serve rather than being driven by the need to make profits. Any surpluses generated by the organisation are gifted back to ng homes for reinvestment in the community in a variety of ways

ng2 was created and developed as a result of the concerns of ng homes tenants and residents regarding the quality of outsourced services that were being provided and the accountability of contractors. ng2 has been able to address these concerns and as a wholly owned subsidiary of ng homes it provides the services which the organisation and its tenants require.

The quality of services being delivered are continuously monitored to ensure that they represent best value for money and that they meet the high standards expected and for which the Association has developed an excellent reputation.

All profits generated by ng2 are gifted to ng homes to subsidise, develop and deliver new services in the environmental field, or towards its further Wider Role objectives, ensuring that the areas valuable resources are reinvested locally to benefit the community.

Our model of management means that ng2 is accountable to local people and comprehensive quarterly reports on operational activities and strategic development are presented to the Board of Directors.

The original Business Plan identified a series of items to be included in regular reports to the Management Board. Whilst reporting in the initial stages was adequate in terms of operational targets and objectives, we continually review the format and content of the quarterly reports to ensure that they are meaningful and useful to the Board and that the information contained in them enables informed decision-making. Quarterly reports to the Board now include:

  • Operational performance against identified targets in each business area
  • Financial information
  • Strategic objectives that focus on developing the business and its people simultaneously

Since its inception, when the initial contracts were for close cleaning and bulk/back court services the company has expanded its range of services to the Association to include:

  • Stairlighting
  • Void property repairs (Electrical and Joinery works)
  • Environmental Hit Squad
  • Painting services
  • Concierge recruitment and deployment

The Company has grown dramatically from the initial 8 employees early in 2011 and it now employs more than 40 people in full-time jobs that have been created to service the needs of ng homes customers.