Why we do it

First and foremost, ng2 is a social enterprise company and we operate as a business. We are committed to delivering high quality services to ng homes that are cost-effective, efficient and professional. In doing so we ensure that our services and performance stand scrutiny against similar services that were previously delivered by external private contractors.

Operating the business as a social enterprise means we are able to identify opportunities to give potentially excluded or disadvantaged individuals or groups of people the opportunity to get valuable real-life training and work experience, and the very real prospect of sustainable employment in the north of the city.

Since 2010 the Company has provided training for more that 50 young people with more than 50% going on to secure full-time permanent employment; the bulk of those being employed directly with ng2.

The company will continue to consider all potential avenues to develop services for the benefit of the community in a cost-effective, efficient and professional manner, and to create real development and employment opportunities within the North Glasgow community.