Developing Our People

While we consider how the Company can develop in the future it is critical that we develop our people to ensure that they have the skills, experience, attitudes and behaviours to deliver what our customers need.

ng2 will not develop in isolation. It needs to do so in tandem with ng homes, reflecting the reputation for 'doing the right things' that the Association has developed over the past 36 years and maintaining the highest possible standards in everything that we do.

ng2 continues to develop a suite of policies and procedures that reflect best practice in employment and employee development. In addition, now that the core business services have been 'bedded in', we aim to work toward accreditation 'kite marks' that actually prove that we do what we say we will in terms of:

  • Developing our People - through Investors in People, and
  • Delivering Quality Services - through Customer Service Excellence

Both accreditations are seen as industry benchmarks. They are well-recognised throughout industry and the housing sector, and they mean that the Company has to achieve and maintain high standards at all times.

Working towards the accreditations is not a 'quick fix' and we will do so throughout 2012 with a target of being assessed for approval by the end of the year. Doing so will mean that we need to:

  • Go through the initial assessment to identify areas of good practice and areas where we need to improve
  • Develop an effective communications mechanism to ensure that all staff are aware of the targets and objectives within the Company, and how they link to ng homes operational and strategic aims
  • Implement a staff appraisal scheme, from which we can identify training needs and a training plan for the Company
  • Develop formal quality control mechanisms that can evidence the quality of our services, and enable our client, ng homes, to effectively monitor all of the services we deliver