Phase I Pilot - Demonstration Project

We completed the Pilot Project with our partner organisations Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations; The WISE Group; Sporting Solutions and with funding from the Scottish Government's Wider Role Fund.

The pilot involved training young people as part of diversionary activity to reduce their opportunity for anti-social behaviour and as part of preparation for work readiness. A contract was agreed to deliver services to ng homes to test the viability of such work in the long term. This phase formed the basis for further contracting with ng homes to fund long term employment projects that are sustainable for our customers, tenants and residents of ng homes and the wider North Glasgow community.

We recruited local young people aged 18-24 via Jobcentreplus and the Local Regeneration Agency for our employability programme that facilitated their access to employment and training opportunities. The key to this was the Kick Start Futures programme.

The programme covered several months with the participants benefitting from a blended approach, learning in a class based environment together with practical skills learned on site and around the community.

Historically large employability programmes have proven difficult in recruitment and retention of young people without the guarantee of a job outcome. Delivering training just for training's sake can create a revolving door scenario for the individual. This approach had previously led to low value for money outcomes and only marginal success and low expectations of securing employment on the part of participants.

The Kick Start Futures programme immediately delivered a reduction of Job Seekers Allowance claimants in North Glasgow.

Every young adult who starts the programme from day one earns no less than the Glasgow Living Wage. This is the catalyst to underpinning the success of the Kick Start Futures programme as the young people were employed, trained and sustained for a minimum of 26 weeks. This helped reduce the youth unemployment rate in North Glasgow.

ng2 guaranteed that 10% of the intake would focus on engagement of gang members via the initiative promoted by the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit and Strathclyde Police, through their programme to reduce violence in our communities.

We provided intensive support and training which enabled them to move out of the circle of violence. This also complemented Glasgow's Single Outcome agreement with the Scottish Governments targets for the reduction of serious street crime.

Following on the success of Phase 1, the organisation has grown steadily to the point where we currently employ in excess of 40 people in a range of posts from manual workers through to skilled trades people and professional officers.

A substantial nuumber of the original Trainees remain with ng2 Ltd having secured full-time permanent contracts of employment.